Simple Carport Plans - How Anyone Can Build Their Own Carport

Published: 27th November 2009
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What if I told you that a short time ago I couldn't build a simple jewelry box but now I am building my own carport using simple carport plans. Yes, even a guy like me with no formal training as a craftsman is doing why not you!

My wife and I have a fairly small house and over the years we have accumulated a fair amount of stuff that seems to eventually find it's way to the garage. This of course means that there is no room for the one thing the garage is for...MY CAR! We also all know what happens when your car sits outside under that big blue not the rain and snow(well those as well)...but our cute little flying friends, the birds, and when nature calls...well lets just say my car seems to be their favorite "drop point"...

Anyway, I digress...So a while back I decided to find some plans to design a carport to protect my precious car from falling objects from the sky. I found the perfect plans and although it seems simple it is actually quite complex and also I wanted to be sure it met with all the current local building codes.

The carport plans I used took me step by step through the whole process and showed me the right material I needed and how much of it I needed.

Carports need to be constructed to withstand heavy winds and since they have no walls, just the roof it needs to be designed in a way to keep it firmly in place, or it may just take off like in the Wizard of Oz if where you live is prone to high winds or storms.

Also if you live in an area that has a lot of snow the roof could just collapse under the weight of thousands of pounds of snow. This is why it is very wise to get a good set of plans for your carport, because even though that on the surface it seems like a simple's not.

You can get your own Simple Carport Plans, plus 12,000 more project plans at

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