Twenty Different Kinds of Candle Making Molds

Published: 14th October 2009
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There are many different types of candle molds. You can create candles in just about any shape you can think of. This means that you can make gifts for your friends and family that suit their tastes. Your imagination is the only limit to the shapes that can be created. Once you select a shape for your candle you can further customize the candles by adding scents and colors. Here are some shapes to consider when you are starting to make candles with molds.

1. Circle

2. Square

3. Triangle

4. Rectangle

5. Ball

6. Pillar

7. Cat

8. Dog

9. Pyramid

10. Seashells

11. Hearts

12. Flowers

13. Rabbits

14. Christmas Trees

15. Easter Eggs

16. Pumpkins

17. Leaves

18. Stars

19. Shamrock

Number 20 is whatever shape you can dream of. You can make your own candle molds using latex. You do this by paining latex over an object that is the shape you want the candle to be. When the latex is dry you can fill the mold with wax and you have a fully customized homemade candle.

Candle molds come in many shapes for different occasions and holidays. You can make candles to decorate your home for any holiday. You can make Christmas tree shapes or holly shapes for Christmas. For Easter you could make Easter eggs or rabbits. Pumpkins, ghosts or black cats are good ideas for Halloween fun.

Other holiday shapes that are fun for you to make and include your kids are shamrocks, leaves, stars or hearts. You can make your own seashell candles to decorate your bedroom or bathroom. If you want candles that are not holiday oriented you can make geometric shapes.

Square candles are modern and look good in any decor. There is so much more than squares. You can make candles that are round, pillar, pyramid or even rectangles. These are good for decorating any room in your home or for giving as gifts. Personalizing them for gifts is as easy as adding fragrance, color or both.

Molds are readily available in stores and on the internet. The options on this list are not exhaustive. There are so many other molds available. You can make candles that are good for children all the way up to grandparents. Kids will have fun making whimsical and amusing shapes. Animals, cartoon characters and cars are all possibilities.

Using different molds is a way to add dimension to your candle making hobby. You can even make novelty candles and sell them for a profit. If you become good at using latex there is no end to what you can make. Start off with premade molds to get a feel for working with the mold and releasing agents. Once you really know what you are doing you can start learning how to work with latex and making your own molds. Great gifts for your friends and family are just some supplies and a little patience away. Try using candle molds for your next candle making project.

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